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            40 years of development is not only a history but also a joy, a glory, even a passion and a responsibility…

            Neither the hard work of the predecessors nor the past eventful years will be left behind and forgotten.


            It is a river that never dries up.

            It is a picture scroll that was painted by tens of thousands of people.

            And it is the brilliant development history that Jiangsu Jingjiang Yushun Building Materials Co., Ltd has.


            Founded in 1972, Jiangsu Jingjiang Yushun Building Materials Co., Ltd is a medium-size state-owned enterprise, a Jiangsu High-and-new-tech enterprise, a member of CCPA (China Concrete and Cement Products Association) and a backbone enterprise that manufactures fiber cement products in China. Yuhang is in a geographically favorable position--It is located in Jingjiang Chengbei Industrial Area by Jiangyin suspension bridge (the biggest suspension bridge in China) over the Yangtze River; and it is 5 kilometer away from the Guangling-Jingjiang freeway and 4.5 kilometers away from the Jingjiang Railway station, which provides extensive transport facilities.


            Yushun is an enterprise that dedicates to research, development, production and sales of fiber cement slabs, calcium silicate boards, asbestos fiber concrete slabs, calcium silicate boards,  asbestos-free calcium silicate boards and asbestos-free fiber cement boards, FC boards, sound-deadening punched boards, ceiling boards, etc.


            With years of technological reserves and creative concepts, Yushun provides customers from home and abroad with quality, suitable, economic and leading products, the high performance ratio of which has raked in reputation from the great majority of customers and approval from the market. This is an enterprise that mainly deals in fiber cement slabs, FC boards, ceiling boards, sound-deadening punched boards, calcium silicate boards(also called calcium silicate board with micro porous) and is especially famous for its asbestos-free calcium silicate boards and asbestos-free fiber cement boards that are environment-friendly.


            Since establishment, Yushun has started laying emphasis on the installation of a thorough marketing network. After 40 years of efforts, Yushun has exchanged its superior products and sincere services for joyful cooperation with numerous distributors, built up a nationwide marketing network. Yuhang also exports products on the long-term basis that are well received in America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and other countries or areas.


            Yushun already has the advantage of management, production, talents, funds and other aspects. With the future in its vision, Yushun will continuously uphold “To Fill Your Need is Our Pursuit” and pay pack the broad masses of consumers and distributors with excellent products and sincere services. In addition, Yushun people will keep abreast of the times, carry on with innovation and do their part to nourish development of materials for wall, decoration materials and fire-proof materials.